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The Power Of Breath

Often we forget the power of the breath and what it means to truly be in the present. We forget that our minds are constantly moving especially in a time like this where things are ever so changing. I wanted to take this time to talk about the breath and how important it is for us to breath. Uncertainties lead to anxiety however, I challenge you to take a moment right now to bring your self to the present and engage in 5 cycles of deep breathing, while breathing in for 3 seconds holding the breath for two seconds and releasing the breath for 3 seconds. Congratulations you have just completed your first cycle. Now let’s do these four more times.

Let’s reflect! How did that feel. I hope great but if it did not feel good and brought up some horrible thoughts or feelings that is OK too because it calls your attention to addressing an underlying need. This is important to engage in the process of self and bringing your mind into the present so that you can understand the choices you must make. When we are engaging in this deep breathing process we are experiencing a great deal of benefits such as decreasing stress, improve immunity, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improves digestion, increases energy, detoxifies the body, reduces depression, reduces burnout, and lowers heart rate just to name a few.

I’m sure the benefits are enough for you to engage in the process. If not I understand how uncomfortable this may have been the first time but I would like to challenge you in understanding that if sitting with yourself has been uncomfortable then imagine what you could be teaching others about you.

By: Lawanda Chambers, LPC, SAC-IT

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