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A Different Perspective On Trauma

Just because the volume is turned down on the radio does not mean it is turned off. I often use this analogy to describe how the mind works when talking to clients who have experienced trauma because it sheds light on how trauma can be present but goes unnoticed.

I chose to talk about trauma for the first blog post because I think that it is important to call it what it is no matter how hard it is to admit that it is present. Although most may not be given a diagnosis of trauma because it does not meet criteria it doesn’t mean that trauma isn’t an issue. It just means that you didn’t fit the criteria to be given that diagnosis. It also means that if you state it as an issue for you I will be treating that issue.

In my experience of working with clients most of the times underlying needs stem from trauma. Trauma that has been buried and forgotten about. Sounds familiar doesn’t it like leaving the radio on and not hearing the music. You know its playing because the light and the cord is plugged into the wall but you know something is wrong because you hear no sound. This represents ow the brain learns to shut off the rest of the world.

By: Lawanda Chambers, LPC


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