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  • Individual Therapy
    LIFE meets the client where they are with one-on-one counseling with a trained individual therapist in a safe, kind, honest, and confidential environment however, due to COVID-19 services will be provided remotely through Telehealth. The therapist and client work collaboratively to create individualized goals, discuss underlying needs, and work towards healing through use of trauma- informed care.
  • Group Therapy
    LIFE provides clients with the space and confidentiality to meet with people who have like experiences which enhances social connectedness, perspective taking, and self- awareness. We offer groups for anxiety, depression, human trafficking, sexual abuse, interpersonal skills, and relationship smarts.
  • Consultation
    LIFE offers consultation in the areas of organizational development, program development, and program implementation.
  • Community Development and Collaboration
    LIFE offers various trainings in the community for trauma-informed care, building trust, mental health psychoeducation, HIPAA, boundaries and ethics, and human trafficking.
  • Wellness Services
    Music Art Yoga Independent Living Skills Are you looking for an experience that involves you, educates you, and empowers you? If so, LIFE Wellness and Counseling Services, LLC has a place for you. LIFE’s therapists focus on utilizing education, experiences, and evidence-based practices to meet the needs of our clients. Meeting clients where they are while helping them to understand the purpose, gain focus, and redefine themselves can be the best they can be. Client’s can expect to receive consistency in treatment, unconditional positive regard, and respect when working with our team. Let us help you get through this.


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